Writing for Breitbart AWR Hawkins has proposed that without a national firearms registry, universal background checks are unenforceable. He says “Think about it — universal background checks presume that the government knows about every gun sale, everywhere, at every time. That is the very meaning of the “universal” system — that all sales are covered by one background check.”

In the United States currently, there exists no gun registry on the federal level. The federal government has no record of where your firearms are and who you sell them to. Hawkins uses the example of California, who in the ’90s enacted a statewide gun registry. Since then they have progressively added confiscation laws, waiting periods, license requirements, magazine limits, purchase limits and age requirements and more.

Common sense gun laws pave the way for gun control. One step closer with each time a renewed push for control under the guise of safety. Regardless of the political party, it is up to us to defend and protect our second amendment rights, just as much as we defend the others.

Image: M&R Glasgow via Flickr