With an increasing number of stabbings in the UK, the British Home Office has decided to launch a new awareness campaign, #knifefree in attempt to help keep Britons safer and demonstrate how citizens can go #knifefree in their everyday lives. The new #knifefree campaign will feature the hashtag emblazoned on fried chicken boxes in England and Wales. The exterior of the boxes are black in color and adorned with the #knifefree while the interior has warnings about carrying a knife.

Kit Malthouse, minister of state for policing. said “will bring home to thousands of young people the tragic consequences of carrying a knife and challenge the idea that it makes you safer.”

Critics of the new campaign have voiced concerns from racism to common sense. Tottenham MP David Lammy remarked “What’s next, knife-free watermelons?

Ultimately Britons should be asking who came up with this idea and do they really believe that a message on a fried chicken box is going to stop them from carrying a knife?

Source: RT Image:Global Look Press / Gerald Matzka