Doomsday prepping once thought of just for conspiracy theorists has now entered the mainstream. A new study from the Journal of American Studies has concluded that the increase in prepping has been driven by an impending sense of doom and fear-driven by a variety of media channels.

The study found people are most worried about economic depressions, terrorist attacks, cyber-attacks, pandemics, and environmental disasters. Also contributing to the urgency and need to prep, has been the frequent alert messages from the U.S. government itself, on preparing for a natural disaster. Keeping water, batteries, food and having a plan to escape.

The studies lead author Dr. Michael Mills said “ Fear is now deeply entrenched in modern American culture and is the principal reason that so many citizens are engaging in ‘prepping” later adding “Rather than seeing prepping as an exception within America’s right-wing political culture, we ought to see it as being reflective of increasingly established and popular outlooks.”

Source: John Anderer Image: Humans Are Free