Chinese state media Xinhua has blasted protesters in Hong Kong on Sunday stating “The end is coming for those attempting to disrupt Hong Kong and antagonize China.” The message was followed with a warning to “the rioters and their behind-the-scene supporters” that “their attempt to ‘kidnap Hong Kong’ and press the central authorities is just a delusion,” adding “No concession should be expected concerning such principle issues.”

The message further warned “Anyone who dares to infringe upon these bottom lines and interfere in or damage the ‘one country, two systems’ principle will face nothing but failure… They should never misjudge the determination and ability of the central government… to safeguard the nation’s sovereignty, security and core interests.”

The message comes as protesters had blocked roads and public transportation routes to Hong Kong’s airport. In the previous days, news agencies reported that police were arresting protesters. There has also been an increasing military presence outside of Hong Kong, leading many to believe Beijing’s tolerance level of the protests is beginning to wane.

Analyst have predicted that the protests will be “settled or crushed” by October 1st in preparation for China’s 70th National Day.