Three weeks into the aftermath of the failed Russian missile test that killed five Rosatom technicians and sparked international fears of a second Chernobyl, Russian doctor Igor Semin posted on the social media site Vkontakte that staff were left to fend for themselves and not told about radiation exposure risks.

“My colleagues found themselves in front of the victims with jack shit, not even a simple respirator… No one said anything; they weren’t even warned. They were abandoned and left to fend for themselves.”

Following up on the story, The Moscow Times spoke with other doctors at the hospital who confimed the Semin was on duty but not in charge of treating the three patients there.

Last week anonymous staff members told media that they were ordered to “get to work” and were not provided protective gear, and even treated a pregnant woman feet away.

Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “We can’t discuss this case anonymously… As for the opinions of these individual doctors, then of course we need to know what the opinions are and specifically whose opinions¬†[they are]”

Source: Newsweek