Russian authorities have announced a voluntary evacuation of civilians near the Nyonoksa village. As we previously reported Rosatom stated that the explosion dealt with ” isotope power sources in a liquid propulsion system.” The story has now evolved to an explosion dealing with a “small-scale nuclear reactor.” It is believed the rector was part of a propulsion system designed for use in Russia’s new hyper sonic Skyfall missile, which was touted to be able to fly at speeds of Mach 5 and indefinitely around the globe thanks to it’s nuclear reactor.

Interfax has also reported the death toll is now at 7 instead of the earlier reported 5. At this time the evacuation notice is “voluntary”. Russian authorities are offering train tickets to anyone wishing to leave. Radiation levels in the Severdvinsk region spiked to 20 times normal levels immediately following the explosion, and are said to have no returned to normal

Monday President Trump tweeted concerns over the explosion.

As more information comes out we are seeing that the explosion may be more serious than Russia would care to admit. Especially given that first responders last week were seen in full chemical/radiation suits, the port was closed to sea trade and now civilians are being “voluntarily” evacuated.

Source: Zero Hedge Image: New York Times