U.S. Attorney Barr has sent multiple investigators to the Metropolitan Correctional Center to investigate details leading up to and including Jeffery Epstein’s suicide. Investigators have been at the facility since Thursday. Attorney General Barr told Fox news there were “serious irregularities” at the facility.

This morning, Barr removed acting director of the Bureau of Prisons Hugh Hurwitz. Previously, the warden of the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) was reassigned, and the two guards on duty at the time Epstein hanged himself were placed on leave.

Making matters worse for the MCC and adding another layer to this case, Fox New reported today that 20 of the 21 prison guard posts were filled between 4pm and midnight on August 9, the day prior to Epstein being found dead in his cell.

Between midnight and 8am on August 10th, 18 of 19 guard posts were filled.

A Justice Department official told the AP that they believed some staffers with information regarding Epstein are not coming forward and cooperating with officials.

Source: Daily Mail Photo: AP