Rosatom, Russia’s state nuclear energy company released a statement on Aug 10th that five employees had been killed in an explosion on a floating platform part of a Barents Sea military facility. Shortly after the explosion radiation Levels in the Arkhangelsk region spiked to abnormal numbers. Those injured in the blast suffered “burns of varying severity” and were rushed to a specialized medical facility for treatment.

This sent nearby residents into a panic with pharmacies selling out of iodine.

Port authorities for Dvinsky Bay near Severodvinsk have closed the waters for shipping until Sept. 10th.

Curiously the Russian Defense Ministry has been reluctant to release details of the incident with the exception of 5 deaths and 6 injuries. They made sure to state however that radiation levels were normal.

The Severodvinsk region is known for weapons testing, with a checkederd past for saftey a multiple incidences.

In their statement Rosatom said the explosion involved “isotope power sources in a liquid propulsion system.” Meaning nuclear in nature. This explosion may be covering up an incident relating to Russian new “unstoppable missiles”. But did reassure “A bright memory of our comrades will forever live in our hearts.” Lest we forget that there are still vestiges of the USSR still present.

Source: Bloomburg/New York Times Image: Base near where the explosion took place. New York Times/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images