Brushing up on your business connections? Why not apply to be an Ebola screener? Spied on LinkedIn was job posting for Ebola screeners in near D.C. was being offered by Caduceus Healthcare. The Epoch Times followed up with Caduceus to verify the authenticity of the posting.

“We’re a contractor with the federal government; we saw a proposal that came out looking for MPs, PAs, and public health advisers to be at a couple of main hubs at airports… The federal government put out a proposal bid because our company has worked closely with the CDC before and then emergency response, being able to provide them physicians.” Said Jared Beuther, an official with Caduceus Healthcare.

But Washington wasn’t the only state. The Epoch Times uncovered a similar posting for the L.A. Public Department of Health. L.A. is not alone though, according to The Epoch Times

“New York City and state health departments carried out a full Ebola drill on April 30 with a mock Ebola patient, noting in a press release, “Given the current outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is the second-largest Ebola outbreak in history with over 1,100 confirmed cases and 700 deaths, it is critical that the healthcare system is prepared to handle an actual case of Ebola or other infectious disease threat. Despite this critical need for readiness, federal funding for Ebola preparedness is set to expire in 2020, placing the future of these emergency response capabilities in jeopardy.”
New York carried out its drill a full month before 13 African migrant families that crossed the U.S. southern border moved permanently to New York City.”

The Epoch Times

Emergency preparedness is one thing, but quietly prepping for cases of Ebola on U.S., sure seems like the government may know something we don’t. During the Ebola outbreak earlier this year, CIDRAP reported thieves robbed an Ebola lab and stole computers and blood analyzing machines. The thieves reportedly had ties to ISIS.