The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) recorded an outage at two Russian radiation detectors shortly after the explosion at the Rosatom test facility on August 10th.

Lassina Zerbo head of the CTBTO located in Vienna said on Twitter ” We’re … addressing w/ station operators technical problems experienced at two neighbouring stations,”

The CTBTO system monitors radionuclides in the air to detect radiation levels. The two monitoring stations in Russia are maintained by the Russian Defense Ministry, who has given no explanation for the outage other than they were having “communication and networks issues.”

Strategists have said that tampering would be useless since other detectors in the region would pickup the particles. Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Non-Proliferation Program at the Middlebury Institute said “There is no point in what Russia seems to have tried to do. The network of international sensors is too dense for one country withholding data to hide an event,”

Source: Reuters Photo: New York Times