In a tale right out of a Hollywood movies, a probe of Epstein with numerous witnesses and testimony on his alleged interactions and activities with underage girls was closed in September of 2008 as part of deal with the FBI and the state of Florida to provide “information as agreed upon.”

Before the probes closure, Epstein’s last report to his handler was in February of the same year. Seven months before the probe was closed. The FBI documents dated 9-18-2018 state that

“…Epstein is currently being prosecuted by the state of Florida and is complying with all the conditions of his plea with the State of Florida.”

The DailyMail has reported the information Epstein leveraged to get his deal was on two Bear Stearns managers Ralph Cioffi and Matthew Tannin. Both of whom were deeply involved with real estate investments in Florida at the start of the 2008 subprime housing loan bubble.

The FBI seems to have a knack for making risky plea deals with less than reputable characters. In more recent memory we can look no further than the case of James “Whitey” Bulger, who after working as an FBI informant, spent more than 16 years on the FBI’s most wanted list.

Source: Daily Mail