Reported by CIDRAP violence in the DRC has escalated to a research lab being ransacked and robbed. Of the items taken were laptops and a GeneXpert device. The GeneXpert is able to run tests on blood samples and analyze for the presence of the Ebola virus. No one was injured but ISIL claimed responsibility.

What would ISIL or ISIS want with a blood analysis machine? It doesn’t take much to come up with an answer. Another interesting point, we were told that ISIS had been defeated, apparently they have moved continents and regions.

Vaccine Supply Limited

A day after the lab was robbed and ISIS had taken credit. Devex has reported that the current director of the CDC has stated the supply of Ebola vaccine in the DRC will run out before the pharmaceutical company can produce more. According to the CDC the current global stockpile of the vaccine stands at 145,000 units.

When did the Ebola vaccine get approved

To my knowledge the Ebola vaccine has not been approved for 100% effectiveness and was still in clinical trials. Further research is required to determine who the company making and distributing the vaccine is, and moreover were they testing in the region before this current outbreak?