Research from the Royal Astronomical Society have published in their Monthly Notices, details of a discovery where by some stars as they begin their end of life phase, expand and destroy all planets in their immediate vicinity. Except new research suggests that in some instances for particularly violent expansions the metallic cores of the planets remain as the force of the expansion literally blows off the top layers of the planet. As the stars expansion completes and it burns off the majority of it’s remaining fuel, it shrinks and becomes a white dwarf. In this scenario these dwarfs are now surrounded by the metallic cores of the planets in it’s solar system. As the dead planets turn on their orbit, the exposed cores act as a radio transmitter and blast radio waves throughout their respective galaxies and the universe.

Researches are now planning on listening to these dead planets and their zombie like death signals. The prospect of finding a planet by it’s metal core emanating radio waves alone is exciting for many since it has never been done before and could reveal new secrets of the universe.

Source/Image Source: RT