The civilian cargo ship Chang Da Long, reportedly arrived at Stonecutters Island on August 28th at 5:36 PM. “After unloading its cargo, departed by 23:19 [11:19 PM]. In total, the 19,864t vessel was berthed at the PLA naval base for 5.5h.”

Authorities have said the ship was part of the annual rotation of PLA troops. The report notes however that “the presence of a conscripted civilian cargo vessel has never been observed before,”

Previously, the ship sailed from Shekou in Shenzen. Prompting speculation that the vessel was filled with PLA troops.

Adding to the speculation, the Chang Da Long turned off it automatic identification system before arriving in Shekou and the PLA failed to notify the Hong Kong Marine Department of the ships arrival.

The report added “Should President Xi Jinping decide enough is enough and that the communist party’s military must take over from Hong Kong’s beleaguered police, such a hidden force could be mobilised to strike hard and decisively,”

Source: Infowars/Shepard Media