As part of the 70th anniversary of China’s National Day celebration on October 1st, The People Liberation Army is expected to star in the largest military parade in the countries history.


General Cai Xhijun told reporters at a press conference, “We have to point out that this military parade won’t be targeted at any countries or districts and any specific incidents,” Cai added that China was “committed to safeguarding world peace and regional stability.” and that this parade was not intended to be a show of force and aggression.

The parade is also expected to show some of China’s advanced weapons for the first time. President Xi Jinping is also expected to make an important speech.

With the parade expected to draw thousands of spectators, the world will be watching to see what China puts on display, especially in light of the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, which analysts have predicted will be crushed before October 1.

Source: HKFP