An investigation into the Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS) by Project Baltimore has uncovered numerous cases of students failing classes and missing more than 100 days of school yet still allowed to graduate.

The investigation targeted Joseph C. Briscoe, a special needs school with 79 students, but with a budget of $4.3 million. The cost per student is roughly $54,524 per student. For comparison, the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute the top school in the BCPS system spends $7,000 per student.

Project Baltimore was tipped off by a teacher who is remaining anonymous out of fear for retaliation. She claims 89% of the Joseph C. Briscoe students are “chronically absent” and the 4 year graduation rate is a mere 5%.

When Project Baltimore reached out to BCPS staff regarding the allegations made by the whistle blower, they received this response.

We received your request for an interview about Joseph C. Briscoe Academy. Since then, we learned that a reporter from the station went to the homes of Joseph C. Briscoe alumni, intruding on their privacy. We understand the reporter has confidential student records and directly questioned the students. We are investigating how these records may have been received. We also disagree with the reporter’s approach to this story. Given this context, we are denying your request for an interview at this time.”

Source: ZeroHedge